EN-WALL is a provider of advanced generation building envelope systems for the commercial contract glazing market. These products are ENergy efficient, ENvironmentally friendly, ENgineered, ENdorsed, ENterprising, and ENcompassing in scope and opportunity. Systems are available from fully-assembled and glazed curtain walls to stock lengths along with engineering support and quality control services. EN-WALL is actively pursuing, training and certifying an international network of fabricators and erectors.

Through innovations such as fresh air synthesis, BIPV, thermal and solar control, daylighting, and third-party product integration, EN-WALL is quickly becoming a leading provider of environmentally sustainable products in an increasingly green industry. A partnership with global technology leader 3M will enable EN-WALL to remain at the forefront of engineered product development.

Benefits of the EN-WALL System

Benefits for all involved in building, with the LEED point structure built in from the ground up, and a company outlook that chooses to exceed industry standards for energy and environmentalism with a sense of responsibility. Read More...

Experience in Design

EN-WALL designers come from a variety of backgrounds within the building industry to bring the best concepts to achieve the architectural intent. Continuously assessing the process for material & schedule improvements and value engineering. . Read More...

M Resort, Las Vegas, Nevada

EN-WALL just completed M Resort, a luxury resort in Las Vegas, which met the critical schedule of the resort to open on time and within budget. We have plans for 20 thru 45 story high rise buildings, which are designed, engineered, and being tested. These projects are in various countries around the world and North America. We are excited by the swell of enthusiasm we have received from Owners, Builders, Consultants, Architects, and Glazing Contractors. View Projects