Approvals, Inspection, and TQM

This process is an integral component of EN-WALL implemented in every project. The advanced technology used in the systems requires supervision of the design, engineering, fabrication, and installation phases of the glazing contract. This holds true in a unitized high rise curtain wall as well as an avant-garde interior application. The entire process requires the EN-WALL certifications for correct application.

Local Team Building

The essence of construction is building technology through personal relationships. Projects are not abstract and lifeless; they are the product of people with different backgrounds and knowledge that come together as a team for a common goal. Successful team collaboration is the top priority from which all other events stem. At EN-WALL, we look forward to the interactions and sharing of knowledge with cultural and regional appreciation.

This worthy goal of team building is accomplished through successive business social interactions and a sincere belief that what we have to offer is unique, responsible, and mutually profitable. It starts with Scheduling a Presentation and then together we can program the future based you the needs of you and your project.


Our experienced team of building envelope designers comes from a variety of backgrounds within the building industry to bring the best concepts to achieve the architectural intent. We continuously assess the design process for material and schedule improvements while considering value engineering options.

Engineering, Shop, and Fab Drawings

Bringing the principals of design into clear CAD documentation that reflects engineering concepts, load requirements, surrounding conditions, etc. These documents become part of the Contract Documents when the architect identifies that they have met the design intent. From here the individual parts are phased, optimized and converted into CNC instructions with corresponding tabulated drawings.

Assemble and Glaze

Creating a pre-glazed unitized product is the strength of EN-WALLís focus. With the coordination of our design software to CNC fabrication to our mechanically assisted assembly and glazing stations, our precision and productivity is at the state-of-the-art. As an option, if the region of your project requires local assembly and glazing then our team will be there to consult all the way through the process. If the project requires, our enterprising business approach will establish a presence in that location for the duration of the project.


Although EN-WALL does not install, depending on the region in which you are building, it may recommend a local glazing contractor to successfully install your project. From an Owner/GCís perspective, EN-WALL would assist in the evaluation of a local glazing contractor so that all the requirements are met or exceeded. From a Contract Glazerís perspective EN-WALL would make scheduled visits to the project during the project to certify the correct installation of the units.

Service Options

There are numerous options and configuration of which of the services applies to your specific project. Contact us to discuss your project with one of our specialists at

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M Resort, Las Vegas, Nevada

EN-WALL just completed M Resort, a luxury resort in Las Vegas, which met the critical schedule of the resort to open on time and within budget. We have plans for 20 thru 45 story high rise buildings, which are designed, engineered, and being tested. These projects are in various countries around the world and North America. We are excited by the swell of enthusiasm we have received from Owners, Builders, Consultants, Architects, and Glazing Contractors. View Projects